Friday, October 29, 2010

Defining Poem

I have decided that I want to make a poem describing why I chose "Piercing the Madness" as the name of my Plog (poem blog).

"Do we really inhabit the same reality?"
I wonder with minds eye wandering through mists.

Peering through cold clouded glass,
fogged by my existence, and yours,
eyes searching the blizzard for more
than the walls of white
flakes viciously hurling themselves:
kamikazes with terrible purpose.
Yet the swirling day turns to the
frosted, teeming night,
The vigil of the virgins,
waiting for a sign, for a word, a glimpse.
Perhaps I can see someday,
perhaps I will pierce the madness.

theme song:
ps do not watch the video it is too silly and dumb

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Poems, how rare: "Poem 1" and "Welcome to India"

Poem 1
How do we fall
on cardboard mattresses
and drunken hopes:
confident in delusions
and stumbling, making fools of ourselves,
happy we are warm, forgetful in stupor,
and yet we are sober.

this is a convoluted way of expressing my belief that humans can be so inhibited by their interpretation of events that they make decisions that are foolish, or trust in things that will only crash and fail, and they are not even drunk.

Welcome to India

Accusing fingers point at the sky
the sacred god is dead:
his ribs stand as bloody monuments
skeletal fingers holding the gulls,
feeding the dogs, giving of himself:
The god who ate trash and human remains.
There is another god, practicing economics
chewing the cud of his brothers body.
His skin draped on his emaciated bones,
covered in sores: he is as toxic
as the beliefs of his worshippers.

In case you did not notice, this is about cows. This was the article which inspired the last one

Also "the white tiger" had quite an impact on me

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

War of the Roses

I said hi, you extended a porcelain hand,
a pittance, a pardon, allowing me to raise my
umbrella over the crowned head, suitors' tears
fell fast and heavy from the blanketed
metal skeleton above our head,
the drops shatter like hale before your
winter feet. I whisper "Love?..."
let it hang in air, let her smell it,
breathe it, decide it's palatability.

And here I am shocked,
there is a flash of summer on the queen's cheek
her smiling eyes and coy grin asking:
"Yes... love?" satisfied I proclaim:
"Oh nothing. I forgot."

my posts have become a bit silly and romantic, but that is ok, I am not often romantic though I try to be silly as much as possible.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Behold, Atlas

Rippling strands of wheat
undulating gold, forming currents
of concerted strength.
Muscles tensing and releasing,
explosion and flow incarnate.
Ascending, with joints straining
and bristling, the weight, the world,
lurching heavenward and peaking.
Resolute he stands, holding a mere grain
in the midst of the ocean.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blue Moons

Naked words you sent to me
late that night, fluttering
over the garden thorns:
roses, rocks, and the wind
gently tossed them through the
consuming silver ether.
And they landed, finally, at my feet.
Yet I had nowhere to put them,
insecurity and indecision always stalling,
futures lost and found, pasts tinted with knowledge.

But you are sitting there,
beginning to doubt reciprocation.

Maybe the words will come, someday.

I do not know about the video but the music is amazing, so listen

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writers Blok

topics must be chosen
words must be written
thoughts must be mustered
energies must be marshaled

time must be spent
machinery must spin
gears grinding
tubes abuzz with perspective

but nothing is produced

I have a bad writers block right now, and I feel like the best way to get rid of a writers block is to write, so I do. I feel like Ive run out of topics to a certain degree, I really need to start reading poetry and philosophy again so I can have something profound, as it is I keep thinking of uncertainty poems and coding and machinery analogies, which is fine, but I need to progress past that into some more human and more engaging topics and metaphors.

I apologize for anyone who reads this for this crappy poem but sometimes you just need to get crap out of your system, and I am not getting paid for this, so why not here?

In other news, if you enjoy dark humor and sarcasm and you have not read "Hitchikers Guide to the Universe" or "Catch 22" you need to, soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughts on the Idea of Omni-Beneficence

In philosophy the idea that evil exists yet God is both Omnipotent and Omni-beneficent is often considered a contradiction. The idea goes that a god who is all-powerful and who creates evil by allowing evil to happen, cannot be all-good. One of the arguments against this idea is that the universe must be better because of the existence of evil.

The allowance of evil, is good. It is good to allow evil to happen. This seems very backwards but is something that governments often practice. Freedom of speech is one instance, people can say just about anything they want (within bounds) without repercussion. If one wishes to write tirades about the US and calls for its destruction, we cannot stop them from saying it. Society might be more "harmonious" if all speech was censored like china does, if all cars had sensors that recorded speeds and positions and ticketed you if you went over the speed limit then there might be far fewer deaths from reckless driving, but the idea that keeps us from implementing these programs is the idea of freedom of choice, privacy, opinion, etc.

In this way God seems to be the originator of laissez faire, the world will not swallow you whole if you kill a man, lightning won't strike a rapist, all sorts of evil happen without any repercussions, poetic justice is not always served. The world will not end because of any act of man. Even if nuclear war erupts the earth will continue spinning, the universe will continue it's dance.

The idea for Christian justice comes in the afterlife. Hell justifies the allowance of evil on Earth and attributes it to freedom of will. His allowance is not to be mistaken for His approval, merely His tolerance. The Bible is very clear on that. (although I am reminded of Dr. Manhattan in "the Watchmen")

An interesting thought: freedom of choice (if it exists) seems to be a necessary part of Omni-beneficence, choice implies the ability to do anything (free will) and therefore to will and do evil.

Thus due to Omni-beneficence He allows evil, a strange paradox.

However, if freedom of choice does not exist, if we are all as predictable as a clock then what is the purpose of this construct? What makes the allowance of evil better? Well this seems to come down to the idea of trust. One must trust that there is an ultimate plan that justifies the existence of this massive and complex machine and whatever evil that comes with it. If you cannot trust in that, then there really is nothing that can objectively convince you of omni-beneficence.