Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guilty Premonitions-A Short Story

I cannot think of any poetry tonight so I will try a very short story. Actually most of my poems are short stories that use the minimum number of words to convey a feeling or an idea or two.

Guilty Premonitions
I have always had the feeling of impending doom, but today it was finally confirmed by a significant event: Today after I finished my daily self-loathing (which consisted of looking at my to-do list, hating myself for not having done it since it was written weeks ago, then saying that I can do it later. Quite mandatory for any self-respecting procrastinator), I looked up from my livid staring contest with the beige, floral-pattered carpet, and I accidentally saw myself in the window, much in the same way a hapless horror-movie character looks up into a mirror and is frozen in terror.

In this glance that became a look that became a glowering stare, I saw myself in triplicate. The me on the right was nigh-transparent and dark and sinister, the me on the left had more form but was all the more frightening for it; his warped features sitting in plain view.

The Me in the middle was solid, but the features were so jumbled that you could not tell who or what I was, but whatever it was, it stared with its multiple noses and lips and furrowed brows that sunk into jet black eyes; staring with a cold cruelty. I saw a monster.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gravitational Oaths

We rise and fall together in a sea
of seedling rye and and dandelions, laughter
staining the silence and our old jeans
with streaks of verdant green,
even our skin becoming one with chlorophyl,
the gravel cutting a blood sacrifice to seal it.

The trees were talking then,
and we leaned on them to hear
through the sandpaper bark, the echoes
of the changing seasons and turning earth.

And we are back to frolicking again
tied inexplicably to the dirt,
falling out of orbit again,
like a meteor, or satellite.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

We are versatile creatures,
our lips both kiss and curse
our faces are both truthful and lying,
our hands, oh our hands,
you lay in my arms and I in yours,
and I can only think about how easy it would be
for one of us to betray all trust,
destroy all hope, in one incongruous,
destructive act-
To lie with our actions.

crappy poem is crappy, I think.

If you know me, I am an agreeable, patient person. I try not to be confrontational, but if I ever get into a "fight or flight" mode, you will almost never see me choose flight. Certain things just seem to push all the right buttons to make me irrationally angry, ask my brother about that, there are very few people who have seen that side of me other than him. He had it down to a science and would piss me off to the point where I just wanted to strangle him (I was shocked at myself for feeling this way), never did, fortunately for both of us, but he avoids doing that now. Some things just come with maturity, including the lack of desire to irritate your siblings.

ps I really like the "stir the blood" album by the bravery, it is so dark and gripping, the lyrics have so much meaning and the beats are driving