Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Flowing through paths of least resistance,
like electricity, or blood.
We met on oppositely charged plates
and discharged though veins and arteries
beyond my understanding. So
I measured the transfer functions
mapped out the schematic, went to work
on modification, duplication, amplification
in hopes of reincarnation.
That spark of life in the frankenstein vessel,
prep the springtime, organize like children
sick of school and longing for mischief and ice cream.
Hopefully it will make it out alive.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Accidental Art

You brought me my skeleton.
A driftwood representation of my soul
is the explanation I would give to the art society,
gnarled and contorted, hollow and brittle
it sat, being examined, scrutinized.

The jagged gashes represent missing pieces of myself
torn out during the storm of life,
they nod politely. The dark black staining:
my mistakes and/or shame. Yes yes, very nice.
The worm holes, now those I could not explain well,
but it is something about the surprising fragility
of humans and diaries and poems and relationships
and how they are shattered so easily.

one of my favorites