Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TV sex

Well it is confirmed, I am yelling out into the void. A bit comforting actually; no one will read this for quite some time and by that time I will be someone else. Well here is the poem I promised, for all future friends to enjoy:

 I saw this today:
and I was so struck by it. It is such a profound piece of art. To you it may look like trash, like robots having sex or some sort of fetish or something. But this is deeper than all of that. Let me give you a glimpse. First off, notice they are stick figures. Simple, non-sensual, posed in a sexual position. This sets up the piece with a bite already: they are doing something associated with love (sex) without passion or sensuality. Next: Look closely, that is not just wire wrapped around them, it is barbed wire, as if they have a barrier around their body, they are not letting themselves be exposed by this normally intimate and vulnerable act. They are able to maintain their defenses regardless. There is so much barbed wire that it really fills in the form of the stick figures, as if to say "Keep out, no trespassers."

 Last but not least: The television heads. I am not quite as confident about this, but it is the idea that our idea of normality is often dictated by television and the media, so that is what we try to portray. We fit ourselves into tv stereotypes so that we are acceptable or attractive to others. None of the complexity of the unknown involved, our personalities are easily digestible.